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Our passion is to discover the best active ingredients in the world so that you feel good in your skin, without complications.

We develop very effective high-level cosmetics aimed at mature skin of all types.

We aim to redefine the concept of luxury based on simplicity and quality.

We are specialists in state-of-the-art hyaluronic acid and multifunctional cosmetic active ingredients.

Why should you choose Hyalurgie?

Hyalurgie is the skincare solution for busy people, our serums  are easy-to-use and highly effective. Say goodbye to complicated routines and multiple products and hello to easy, beautiful skin with Hyalurgie.

Hyalurgie offers a range of multi-purpose products for the eye, lip, face and décolleté area. Using minimalist and cutting-edge formulas, our products deliver noticeable results quickly due to their high concentration of active ingredients.

Light but rich texture, easy to apply and quickly absorbed, fragrance-free. Formulated with 100% active ingredients so that you feel good on your skin, splendid inside and out.

Product Concept

Exclusively formulated and minimalist high performance serums 

Very high quality and  exquisitely selected active ingredients 

We prioritize innovation and excellence in everything we do, from the manufacturing process to the packaging.

Ester, founder of Hyalurgie

Ester Larrosa, graduated in Organic Chemistry and founder of the cosmetics brand Hyalurgie, a start-up born in Barcelona at the end of 2020.


“I have deconstructed the traditional formulation mode to get to the essence of the ingredients. My cosmetics have no gender or age. I run away from stereotypes, both in the creation of formulas and in terms of the public I address.

“I want to redefine the concept of luxury based on simplicity, product quality, and inclusivity.»

“I have tried myself all products and use them every day. I want simplicity, well-being and empowerment for all skin types. “