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Ester Larrosa is a graduate of Organic Chemistry and founder of the cosmetic brand Hyalurgie, a start-up born in Barcelona at the end of 2020.

Formulating cosmetics is one of my passions. A few years ago, I became obsessed with finding those ingredients that would improve the look of my 59-year-old skin. 

I started with a small laboratory and I have been testing and testing the efficacy of dozens of cosmetic active ingredients from the best manufacturers worldwide for more than 6 years. I found that some of them worked very well. They asked me why I looked so good, I started making samples for my friends and family to try, and they liked them a lot, and then the friends of the friends too…

And that’s how it all started… But the road does not end here, the work of constant innovation, improving day by day to continue selecting the perfect ingredients and offering them in the form of products consistent with the philosophy of the brand.

I have specialized in hyaluronic acid, in all its forms, because it is one of the active ingredients with the greatest scientific and real evidence, which offers the best overall results in skin care. That is why it has become my star ingredient and hallmark of the Hyalurgie brand.

I have specialized in hyaluronic acid in all its forms because it is one of the active ingredients with the most scientific and real evidence, which gives the best results in skincare. That is why it has become my star ingredient and the hallmark of the Hyalurgie brand. I am currently in charge of the company and I am in charge of shaping this exciting project, always surrounded by specialist professionals who help me grow and evolve my brand.

For this reason, I take special care and care in the selection of my suppliers and manufacturing so that the entire supply chain is sustainable and connected to the environment.

My creations would not have been possible without the participation and advice of suppliers specialized in the cosmetic sector: from the suppliers of raw materials, and packaging, the manufacturer of the serums whose technical team is vital to ensure the quality of the product, and also all the collaborators in the areas of digital marketing, visual production and publications on social networks.

With Hyalurgie, I am looking for a multifunctional cosmetic (face, neck, eye contour, décolleté, and lips) that is effective in the short term.

For people who want simple and effective but powerful routines. With light, fast-absorbing, fragrance-free textures and 1 00% active ingredients at high concentrations to make you look beautiful and radiant, inside and out.

“I have deconstructed the traditional formulation mode to get to the essence of the ingredients. My cosmetics have no gender or age. I run away from stereotypes, both in the creation of the formulas and in the public I am addressing”.

“I have tried all the products myself and use them daily. I want transparency, simplicity, freedom of use, well-being, and personal power for all types of ages and skins.”