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Product / Ingredients

What does 100% active ingredients mean?

All ingredients have an activity or benefit on the skin (except water and preservative). We do not add ingredients that do not provide a benefit, such as perfumes, thickeners or others.

Why is it a minimalist product?

Because it contains very few ingredients compared to a traditional serum. 6 active ingredients when in a normal cosmetic there are usually between 15-25 or even more.

How is Serum Nº1 different from other hyaluronic acid serums?

Why is Hyalurgie different?

Because the blend of hyaluronic acids has been exclusively formulated to ensure maximum concentration and synergy between them, so the results are visible in a very short time.

It is important to respect the concentrations recommended in efficacy studies, and also to control the origin, quality and molecular weight of the hyaluronic acids so that they act maximizing all the benefits.

Why did I choose these ingredients?

For their proven efficacy. Because they are safe and beneficial for all skin types and ages. The basis of a beautiful and healthy skin is hydration.

Are all the ingredients safe?

Europe is one of the continents with the most stringent regulatory restrictions on cosmetic products and ingredients. It is not possible to market any product that is not authorized by ECHA, in particular the Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (abbreviated REACH) governs the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals in the EU. The purpose is to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment.

Are all ingredients sustainable?

All ingredients are of renewable origin.

What is the expiration date of the product

Our products have an expiration date of 6 months after opening. The PAO symbol appears on the back label (an open jar with the letters 6M).


Why is the container made of plastic?

The container is made of PP (polypropylene), 100% recyclable and reusable if you wash it well with water, soap and alcohol. It weighs less than a glass container and is unbreakable.

Why don't you use dropper bottles?

Dropper containers are not very hygienic. To preserve the purity and freshness of the preparation of such a concentrated product, the airless container prevents contamination or degradation when in continuous contact with air.

Why is the serum unboxed?

Our minimalist philosophy is applied in all areas, Reduce/Reuse/Recycle are the 3 principles for a more sustainable life. Why add unnecessary boxes that make the product more expensive and add no value to it?

Skin type / Problems / Use

Can I use the serum with atopic or allergic skin?

Our serums have not been formulated for reactive or problematic skin although many people obtain good results as they are formulated with very mild ingredients. We recommend that you consult the INCI if you have any diagnosed allergies.

Is it suitable for men?

Yes, of course. The benefits are equally noticeable, as our customers say! In addition, some of the active ingredients have been tested on male skin.

Can it be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

YES, there is no incompatibility

Can it be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

YES, there is no incompatibility

Is it a vegan product?

Serum Nº1 does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Can it be combined with acid, retinol or vitamin treatments?

Yes, it is very advisable to use it, because the high concentration of hyaluronic acids helps to reduce inflammation and to avoid the dryness that some of these aggressive treatments produce.


Do you have free samples?

Yes, and we always send them with every order of more than 70 euro; although for the sample pack we are obliged to charge shipping costs to ensure that they are not lost along the way.

Purchase / Shipping / Returns

How do I get free shipping?

All shipments are free to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and Portugal. Rest of European countries the shipping cost is 10 euros or free for purchases over 150 euros.

Methods of payment

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Can I cancel my order?

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What is the origin of the name Hyalurgie?

We are specialists in hyaluronic acids and therefore we have chosen the root of the name starting with HYALU. Hyalurgie evokes transparency, science and art.

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